Jeevan Dhara Expected Time Line

Time Line :-

Land Purchased – Oct 2012

Master Plan & Zoning Approved – Nov 2014

Tarneit Station Opened – 2015

Tarneit Central Shopping Centre Opened – Oct, 2017

Development Plans submitted to Council – Oct, 2017

Town Planning Approval expected by – Mid 2018

Notice for Deposit after Building Design Approvals – Mid 2018

70% on Deposit target achieved upon Contract sign/ Apartment by– Mid-Late 2018

Jeevan Dhara  Keys Handover – Mid-Late 2019


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Over 75 people attended the formal Launch of Jeevan Dhara Retirement Living project on 12 Nov initiated by Tarneit Junction

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Thursday, 13 November 2014
Australia’s first Indian Culture and food based retirement apartment concept launched 

  • 21 Apartments out of 84 Jeevan Dhara apartments already reserved by Indian seniors over 55 years
  • Australia’s first retirement living plan to cater Health, Transport, Food and entertainment needs of senior
  • Sustainable development aiming to reduce car use and reduce carbon foot print
  • Jeevan Dhara is new retirement option for active seniors not needing nursing care
After many decades of living in Australia, the first generation of
Indian-Australians are retiring and finding itself in a quandary. They are
looking to further enhance their life style to enjoy curries with no

Although many have the resources to live comfortably in retirement, some
still depend on their children and suffer from social isolation as they
navigate old age.

Most Indians have focused  so much on building their careers and educating
their children that they never really planned anything for their retirement
like many Australian do. There are numerous organisations emerged to
provide retirement villages for Australians and other ethnic based
communities such as Greek, Polish, Italian, Chinese but no decent option
exists for Indian or South East Asian communities.

Recognising the problem, Dr. Rekha Kumar ( MBBS, FRACGP) and her husband
Mr. Sunil Kumar ( B.Tech from IIT Delhi) developer of many medical, dental,
radiology and allied health clinics and real estate have taken initiative
to establish Australia's first Indian food and culture based community
living establishment as part of over $250 million Tarneit Junction 10
miniute walking estate. This retirement community is for healthy active
living and developed specifically for lovers of Indian food as part of
Tarneit Junction Project. This community is called "Jeevan Dhara" or "Life
going steady" or " Friends in need is Family indeed" or simply " Curries with No worries"

The India-born Sunil Kumar saw retirement housing communities mushrooming
all over Australia but non of these are catering to specific health and
lifestyle needs of Indians. He also understood that Indian-Australians can
feel out of place in many retirement communities. Their need for Indian
food,  prayer rooms or even companions, who can speak their mother tongue
could pose potential challenges.

So Mr. Sunil Kumar bought 10 Acre prime land at corner of Leaks and
Derrimuit Rd next to new Tarneit station and proposed shopping/Town Centre
in Oct, 2012. He is inspired by Indian Retrirement community living
developments around the world and call from Indian community to build
 Jeevan Dhara concept originally published by Pravin Vaghani. Jeevan Dhara
would be run on cooperative style management on No profit basis by its

84 apartments are planned which comes with common hall for dining, separate
vegetarian and non-vegetarian kitchens, meeting room and luxury recreation
facilities such as yoga, games etc. Jeevan Dhara Tarneit is a haven for
seniors of Indian and SE Asia origin.

21 ( 25% of 84 apartments) people have already completed registration to
buy Jeevan Dhara. Some of them as young as 38 year old doctor couple. Many
fear that number of apartments build are not enough to cater for increasing
Indian population.

There are over 200,000 Indians living in Melbourne with estimated over
70,000 seniors are 55 year and older. 84 Apartments represent approx 
1 person per 1000 senior to take this new concept of living to make this a
success. Some seniors, who may regret later, if they miss out no other
such conveniently located project would be build in their life time.

Everything at the complex is unique, starting with the Indian food offered
to the cultural and entertainment activities organised on the premises.
Jeevan Dhara buildings are planned to reduce cost of living, energy costs
and enables its residents to reduce its carbon footprint impact on planet.
Every thing of daily needs are walkable distance of less than 10 minutes
from Jeevan Dhara such as Indian groceries, fresh fruit and vegetable,
Medical Centre, Dentist, Pharmacy, Radiology, Specialists, Hair dresser, Food Court,
Travel agent, Library, Bus Stop, Station, Gym, Hotel, Tarneit Junction Club
etc. This walkable developent would not only make its residents healthy and
help in reducing need to own or use a car. There is even BMW Electric Cars
proposed for personal use for its residents as car share scheme.

"Jeevan Dhara is the first retirement community in Australia targeting
Indian food and culture in the country," said Sunil Kumar. "Tarneit is only
25 Km away from Melbourne  in West. It was the obvious choice because of
its affordability, convenient location, which is well connected and close
proximity to Werribee Hospital, two Sikh temples, Durga Mandir and Mosques.
There are plenty of opportunity for children and grandchildren to live
close to Jeevan Dhara or visit their  parents in Jeevan Dhara."

One and two-bed 7 star energy rated luxury apartments with one-bath,
kitchen, laundry and balcony are estimated to costs approximately $339,800.
This pricing includes provision of common facilities. Food and cultural /
entertainment expenses would be  managed by co-operative society of
residents. Options to get freshly cooked meals, housekeeping and Laundry
services would be available at extra cost to make it true king's living
with no maintenance issues. Many ladies would be able to enjoy true
retirement from kitchen and household chores and live like to full.
Resident will enjoy life in Jeevan Dhara as if they were living in their
home country and enjoying the social life, convenient and timely health
provision, lower cost of living, conveniences of the community and
facilities around it.

Jeevan Dhara would have a several opportunities to keep its occupants
engaged and entertained with healthy and tasty meals, yoga, music, poetry,
Bollywood dance classes, going on local and overseas group excursions and
watching Bollywood movies or serials. One could celebrate all Indian
festivals with their friends and families.

After daily activities, its residents can enjoy privacy in their apartments
or just sit and chat with friends every day that could only happen in
Jeevan Dhara. Developers plan to include few small multiplex cinema
theaters to cater for very large Indian population in western suburbs.

The project master plan draft permit and zoning required for project has
been approved and signed. Concept buildings designs are getting finalised now. 
Construction would start in Jan, 2016 with Jeevan Dhara residents getting
Keys by end 2016.

Indian Seniors are encouraged to calculate the retirement prepreparedness
score and determine Quality of their retired life by using a free online calculators
 provided at its website

Expressions of interest can be done by sending email to No deposits are being taken at present. 
10% deposit would be asked after 70 expression of Interest in Jeevan
Dhara apartments is received. Pricing may increase after 50% apartments
are booked.  Many kids are buying these apartments for their parents for
now, which they will inherit it for their own use in future.

Expression of interest from, individuals, friends,  group of friends or
community wishing to live together as group can reserve their place in once
in a life time opportunity by filling registration form.  Depending upon
the success of this project, Mr. Sunil Kumar also plans to have an
assisted-living facility with round-the-clock Agecare / nursing services
close to Jeevan Dhara apartments in future to make convenient aging in place
if Jeevan Dhara project is successful.

More and more people are entering the retired phase of life and can not go
back to home country as they have their children here

For more information,  Call Sunil Kumar on 0403 170 099 for project
information and to find out more about how life at Jeevan Dhara Tarneit
could be the better than present lonely life.  Jeevan Dhara residents could
relive their college hostel life again with eating food in Hostel, enjoying
Teen Patti / Bridge/ Singing or playing Carrum board game with friends.

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Media enquiries: 

For more information:
Contact Sunil Kumar,
by phone:0403 170 099 oremail
Proud Initiative of.


Pravin Vaghani

Retirement Jeevan Dhara Lifestyle

Don’t just look at Photos; Get the Message !

Retired ? Now Where to ? નિવ્રત્ત તો થયા, હવે શું કરવું?

Retired ? Now Where to ? નિવ્રત્ત તો થયા, હવે શું કરવું?

Source: Photo to by Unusha Vaghani
Decide before you retire. જિંદગી જીવવાની પણ યોજના કરવી જોઇએ તો જ સુખની જિંદગી જીવાય.
Decide before you retire. જિંદગી જીવવાની પણ યોજના કરવી જોઇએ તો જ સુખની જિંદગી જીવાય.
Location of Jeevan Dhara, 25km west of Melbourne CBD.
Location of Jeevan Dhara, 25km west of Melbourne CBD.
Dr. Rekha Kumar and Mr.Sunil Kumar the Developers. They will spend their retirement in Jeevan Dhara.
Dr. Rekha Kumar and Mr.Sunil Kumar the Developers. They will spend their retirement in Jeevan Dhara.
Healthy delicious food cooked by expert chef. નિષ્ણાત રસોયાએ બનાવેલો પૌષ્ટિક અને સ્વાદિષ્ટ ખોરાક જીવનનો સાચો અાનંદ છે.

Healthy delicious food cooked by expert chef. નિષ્ણાત રસોયાએ બનાવેલો પૌષ્ટિક અને સ્વાદિષ્ટ ખોરાક જીવનનો સાચો અાનંદ છે.

Source: Courtyard by Merriott કોર્ટયાર્ડ બાય મેરીઅટ
Dine at a pleasing place, not a cafe. મનને આનંદ આપે એવા વાતાવરણમાં જમવું.

Dine at a pleasing place, not a cafe. મનને આનંદ આપે એવા વાતાવરણમાં જમવું.

Source: Khirasara Palace ખીરાસર પેલેસ રેસ્ટોરન્ટ
Eat Healthy Vegetarian Food and Yogurt. સ્વાદીષ્ટ ખોરાક મનને આનંદમાં રાખે છે. જમવામાં દહીં જરૂર લેવું

Eat Healthy Vegetarian Food and Yogurt. સ્વાદીષ્ટ ખોરાક મનને આનંદમાં રાખે છે. જમવામાં દહીં જરૂર લેવું

Source: Home cooked Biryani ખારીભાત
Eat Fresh Vegetables. Drink Plenty Water. તાજાં શાકભાજી ખાવા અને ઘણું પાણી પીવું.
Eat Fresh Vegetables. Drink Plenty Water. તાજાં શાકભાજી ખાવા અને ઘણું પાણી પીવું.
Green and Leafy Vegetables for Healthy Diet. શાકાહારીએ લોહતત્વ મેળવવા માટે લીલા રંગના શાક અને ભાજી ખાવા જોઈએ.

Green and Leafy Vegetables for Healthy Diet. શાકાહારીએ લોહતત્વ મેળવવા માટે લીલા રંગના શાક અને ભાજી ખાવા જોઈએ.

Source: Vegetable shopping
Green Capsicums are Good source of Iron. શાકાહારીએ લોહતત્વ મેળવવા માટે લીલા રંગના કેપ્સિકમ અને ભાજી ખાવા જોઈએ.

Green Capsicums are Good source of Iron. શાકાહારીએ લોહતત્વ મેળવવા માટે લીલા રંગના કેપ્સિકમ અને ભાજી ખાવા જોઈએ.

Source: Green grocer
Travel builds confidence and self-esteem.  મુસાફરીથી માણસમાં આત્શ્રધ્ધા અને સ્વમાન વધે છે.

Travel builds confidence and self-esteem. મુસાફરીથી માણસમાં આત્શ્રધ્ધા અને સ્વમાન વધે છે.

Source: Disneyland
Travelling with family strengthens relations. કુટુંબ સાથે મુસાફરી કરવાથી સંબંધો મજબૂત બને છે.

Travelling with family strengthens relations. કુટુંબ સાથે મુસાફરી કરવાથી સંબંધો મજબૂત બને છે.

Source: Los Angeles
Exercise and walk regularly. નિયમિત ચાલવું અને કસરત કરવી બહુજ જરૂરી છે.
Exercise and walk regularly. નિયમિત ચાલવું અને કસરત કરવી બહુજ જરૂરી છે.

Jeevan Dhara Lifestyle

Jeevan Dhara – An uninterrupted flow of life.

(Pravin Vaghani)

(Before you read, please let me make it clear that I have visioned the concept of Jeevan Dhara purely as a service to the community for the benefit of the Indian Seniors.

I have no commercial or financial interest in this project.)

सवालो पूछनेमें बिता दिया बचपन

जवाबो ढूंढनेमें बीत गई जवानी

अब बूढापा सामने खडा पूछ रहा है

कैसे बिताओगे बची हुई जिंदगी?

You hired a CFP for financial planning and a broker for share market. You have consulted a doctor for your health, a psychiatrist for your stress management and a dietician for your diet. At gym your exercise routine is prepared by a teacher.

But, have you searched for your retirement lifestyle planner? If not, come to Jeevan Dhara. It is there, your lifestyle ready planned for you.

Have you been on a cruise? How wonderful the life is on a cruise ship? No worries. A smorgasbord of breakfast, lunch and dinner is ready every day. Walk around the ship and take part in your choice of exercise, games, entertainment, swimming, dancing, etc. Attend education classes and learn something new every day. At every port, your off-shore excursion is organised. No worries. You are in a secure environment. And what a pleasure it was to have dinner with the captain of the ship, chatting with him and listening to his experiences at the sea? You didn’t have to know who built or owned the ship. You didn’t have to know who did the planning of everything and who did the hard work of shopping of grocery, cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. You just enjoyed the life. And you wish you had that lifestyle all the time. But the few number of days you had booked were over and you had to get off the cruise ship. So sad !

How would you like to be a part owner of a cruise ship so that you don’t have to get off it? Can you make that lifestyle of a cruise to be permanent part of your life?

Yes, you can.

That lifestyle is described in my Hub page:

That lifestyle is waiting for you aboard the cruise ship Jeevan Dhara parked as a permanent part of a 200 million dollars, 20 acres, Tarneit Junction. It will be built by the experienced and enthusiastic developers Mr. Sunil Kumar and his wife Dr. Rekha Kumar. They have already built a few medical centres, dental clinics, properties, etc.

Jeevan Dhara is Coming to Reality

Jeevan Dhara, Australia’s First Indian food based, co-operative community luxurious lifestyle Retirement living concept, for the Financially Independent Indian Silvers is now going to be a reality. After reading my article in Beyond India and my concept of Jeevan Dhara published in the Hub Page, many got inspired and attended my lecture, organised by ISCA at Ashwood Hall, to explain Jeevan Dhara Living concept and to motivate our community to build Jeevan Dhara. Many of them showed strong desire to live in Jeevan Dhara but faced challenge on how this dream could become a reality.

Mr. Sunil Kumar (55 year) attended my Lecture. He was impressed by the proposed quality of retired life at Jeevan Dhara. He got motivated to take up this challenge and decided to Incorporate and build Jeevan Dhara living concept as a part of their over $200 million dollars project at Tarneit. He and his wife Dr. Rekha Kumar themselves will spend their retired life in Jeevan Dhara.

Jeevan Dhara is a heaven on earth.

Here life is a bliss after retirement.

Here experts will cook all your meals, every day.

Jeevan Dhara is a true retirement for women – no more cooking, cleaning or washing.

In Jeevan Dhara the experts will organise entertainment for you.

Keep Physically Fit and Mentally Active

There is no fun in living long if you are suffering from physical or mental illness.

In Jeevan Dhara the experts will organise your physical and mental activities. You will be healthy and happy.

As per your choice you will be able to participate everyday in yoga, tai-chi, Zumba, physical games and such health giving activities, even if weather is not good, because it is organised in your building. All you have to do is to come down in the lift.

The mental health programme will keep your mind healthy and active and protect you from Alzheimer’s or Dementia.


In this hall, organised by your association, you meet your friends only once a week or month. If you miss it for some reason you have to wait another month. In Jeevan Dhara there will be socialising every day. Have a cuppa or play games with your friends in the common hall. Enjoy and live long in company of your loving friends.

Good food, happy life, will keep you healthy, you will live long.

Don’t Live Alone

Don’t make your retirement years boring and unhappy living lonely. Do not risk an unhappy death. Remember the case of a lonely man who fell down in his room and could not get up ? He died of starvation. His decomposed body was found after a few weeks. The vigilance programme of Jeevan Dhara will check your whereabouts twice a day to ensure your safety.


It is a secure place. Unauthorised person cannot enter the building. You do not have to live in a fear of an intruder attacking you or a burglary when you are away.

Others already Enjoy Like This, Why Not You?

Concepts similar to Jeevan Dhara have been developed in USA and India. Few examples are Shantiniketan in Orlando, Florida, Shantiniketan in Ahmedabad, India, Priya Living in Silicon Valley, Ashiana Utsav in Bhiwandi, Mumbai, etc.

Jeevan Dhara will be built to the highest construction standard suitable for seniors. The developers themselves have decided to move out of their multi million dollars 8.5 star energy rated mansion, with full roof solar panels and rain water harvesting, designed and lovingly built by themselves, and spend their retirement life in Jeevan Dhara.

Lifestyle Facilities

Jeevan Dhara will be close to a medical centre incorporating 24/7 medical clinic, pharmacy, Indian super market, food court and many other services to make resident senior’s life comfortable.

The location is less than 10 min walking to Tarneit Railway Station and Bus Interchange, Shopping Centre, Town Centre, Library, community centre and schools. There will be a bus-stop and Taxi ramp just outside.

Quality Unsurpassed

Jeevan Dhara will be the best Indian retirement apartments in the world. Kumar family are ensuring that the apartments are built with standards and facilities suitable for seniors. High quality fittings all around, wheelchair friendly, anti-skid tiles, rounded corners, taps and handles suitable for hands with arthritis, handrails in bathrooms, stairs and walkways, emergency alarm buttons in every apartments and lobbies, etc.

You are Buying a Lifestyle, Not an Apartment

Don’t just Retire to Something, Have Something to Retire to. At Jeevan Dhara you are not buying just a 2BR apartment; you are moving into a lifestyle of unprecedented quality, enjoyment, health and happiness that will allow you to live long and healthy life. Jeevan Dhara will be a place where every resident has the potential to live a healthy and active life over 100 year age. In Australia, today there are over 4000 men and women over the age of 100 years. The eldest is 117 year age and living healthily. By the time you reach that age, you may be one of the 40,000 of similar age. Just think of that!

The Main Difference

1) In Jeevan Dhara You own the apartment as freehold; sell or rent it as you wish or pass it on in inheritance. In most retirement villages even after paying the full price of the unit you do not get the freehold title but only a lease contract. So you cannot pass it on in inheritance. You cannot rent it or sell the property; only managing company has the right to sell it. (Ref: “Don’t buy Your Retirement Home Without Me” by Richard Andrews – available in libraries)

2) In Jeevan Dhara the lifestyle is decided and managed by the co-operative society of the resident members. So you have a say in the management of your lifestyle.

One Planet Apartments

Jeevan Dhara apartments incorporate many features of One Planet Apartments. These are based on the principles of creating a network of earth’s greenest neighbourhoods and includes solar power, energy efficient equipments, rain water harvesting, etc.

Be Positive Think Positive

Be positive and think of your retirement happiness.

Is your dream mansion such an important status symbol for you that you wish to continue to live alone an ordinary miserable life and fly on cloud nine or you wish to come to this heaven on earth and make the rest of your life memorable?

Remember, how you live, is more important than how long you live!

Ball in Your Hands

Do not procrastinate but decide promptly for your happiness.

Come forward and be the founder member of the first Jeevan Dhara in Melbourne, in Australia, in the world.

You have moved 1000’s of km away from India to live a better life in Australia; why be afraid to move 25 km to the west to live even better Life in Jeevan Dhara, Tarneit. In USA retired Indians have moved over 1000’s of km from various US states to live in Shantiniketan, Orlando. In India over 600 people from different states of India have moved over 3 hours drive away from Mumbai to live healthy and happy lifestyle in group retirement at Ashiana Utsav, Bhiwandi.

Let Your Children Have Their Independent Life

You have educated your children and made them capable of facing the difficulties in this world and build their own nest. You have fulfilled your responsibility to them. If you intend to live with them and expect their services for you, think again. Both sides will have to make so many adjustments that neither will be happy in true sense. Your lives would be governed by their will. Will you like it?(Refer BBC documentary) Pandavas of Mahabharat, did not stay with Parixit after handing over the kingdom to him! You do not have to go to ‘Vanvas’, but you surely will have a better lifestyle in Jeevan Dhara.

Your Choice

Your choice is very clear. Either live boring lonely life in large home or live lively in Jeevan Dhara enjoying luxurious vibrant fun filled life.

You are invited to write your views in the comment box.

Thank you.

Pravin Vaghani (PH: +61 0413 257 694, Email:


The Hub Pages:


Community Lifestyles:

Shantiniketan Indian Seniors Vegetarian Living, 1 hour from Orlando, Florida, USA

If you are planning to spend your retirement life with your children, please pay special attention to what Mr. K S Shekar has to say in the following BBC documentary:

Jeevan Dhara Special Advantages

Jeevan Dhara Special Advantages:
1 This is a freehold apartments building where the lifestyle is decided and managed by a co-operative society of the residents and not corporations.
2 The apartment is freehold. The title of the apartment will be in your name and you can sell it at your free will without any exit or deferral fees. It can be passed on in inheritance to your children or as you wish.
3 You can buy an apartment now for investment or your future use. You may rent it to a qualified 55+ senior.
4 The apartments and the whole building are fitted with age friendly door handles, showers, handrails in bathrooms, toilets, rooms, common room, dining hall, lobby, lifts, garage, etc.
5 Emergency call buttons in every apartment, lobbies, lifts, garage, etc.
6 Medical centre and Pharmacy close to Jeevan Dhara.
7 Many other services like hair dresser, news agency, florist, coffee lounge, etc. also planned to be there.
8 Indian Grocery and convenience store and restaurants in the complex. Arrangement may be made with the store owner to deliver your order to your apartment.
9 Bus stop and taxi rank just outside the building.
10 Tarneit Railway station starting early 2015 and bus interchange 10 minutes walk. CBD only 25 Km / 30 minutes by train or car.
11 Economical unlimited Internet wifi at bulk rate.
12 Your personal use of Electricity, Gas and Mobile at bulk rate.
13 You are very safe in this secured apartment building. No unauthorised person can enter.
14 Without going out, you will celebrate all festivals in the common hall with your friends.
15 Your birthday, anniversary day and the birthdays of your grandchildren can be celebrated with your friends.
16 Bollywood theatre screening Indian movies in various languages in Tarneit Junction Complex.
17 A hotel is planned in the complex for convenience of your relatives and friends when they visit you from interstate or overseas.
18 Werribee hospital only 10 minutes / 7 Km away.
19 An open celebration place and park in the complex.

Jeevan Dhara Daily Advantages:
1 Daily full breakfast of your choice. (Cereal, Paratha/yogurt, Aloo Pauva, Ganthia/Jalebi, etc.)
2 Daily freshly supplied and freshly hot cooked Lunch.
3 Daily fresh afternoon tea/coffee and snacks / fruits.
4 Daily freshly cooked variety of dinner.
Note: 1 Lunch and dinner will have daily different menu of Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc. varieties as decided by its residents.
2 All the vegetables, fruits and grocery of good quality will be bought direct from whole sellers and farmers. So you can enjoy all these supplied freshly and at less cost than your present meals)
5 Daily in the common room varieties of group exercises to participate to maintain your physical well-being. (Yoga, Tai-chi, Zumba, Chair, Bollywood Dancing, etc)
6 Daily group mental activities to keep your mind active and free of Alzheimer’s or Dementia.
7 Daily meeting your friends in the common room, have a chat over a cuppa, play games, etc.
8 Daily communicate with your friends in the building via intercom.
9 Daily Satsang / prayers to participate.
10 Daily use of a meditation room.
11 Daily use of a library.
12 A vigilance programme for daily checking your whereabouts and to ensure that you are safe.

Jeevan Dhara Weekly Advantages:
You have option to utilise the following services at very economical low cost:
1 Every week have your apartment vacuum cleaned.
2 Every week have your bathroom and toilet cleaned.
3 Every week outdoor entertainment with your friends. (Bus tour to picnic, restaurant, casino, events, sports, sight-seeing, etc.)
Anything else that you may think of and suggest to the management committee to organise or include in the daily or weekly services.
Summery: All these will help you live a luxurious lifestyle full of activities and happiness. You will live a healthy long life.

Living in Jeevan Dhara vs. Staying at Home

For so many of the issues seniors face while living at home, Jeevan Dhara living offers a positive alternative. Consider them side by side and see how Jeevan Dhara living could be the wise choice for you and your family.

Isolation from friends; inability to participate in favorite activities The warm company of people enjoying similar cultural, social, educational and entertainment opportunities
Reliance on others’ availability to get to and from appointments and events Train, bus service always available. Daily needs are walkable such as shops, Medical, Library. Share car available or use your own car
Eating alone; prepackaged meals; difficulty following special dietary guidelines Dining with neighbors; table service; freshly prepared cuisine; accommodations for special diets
Greater difficulty with household chores and maintenance Affordable Housekeeping, linen service and maintenance options available by professional staff
Anxiety over whether help will be available immediately An emergency call system in each apartment.

Medical centre planned in Tarneit Junction

Limited or no access to adequate exercise programs and equipment Daily fitness opportunities available to help maximize mobility, strength and overall health. Group living encourages and motivates people to live healthy and Longer
Greater dependence on family for assistance with daily tasks; feeling like a “bother” Appropriate, cost effective food and health support provided by a skilled staff, which makes true independence possible

Jeevan Dhara offers so many options for seniors who want a better life. No longer having to worry about daily chores, they can choose new interests, enjoy your friends company and explore each day’s with new activities. Jeevan Dhara residents will see the difference in quality of life.

Australia’s first Indian food based retirement living

Permit for Tarneit Junction subdivision incorporating  Jeevan Dhara – Australia’s first  food based cooperative living  is now issued. Draft Plans to build 72 Jeevan Dhara Retirement Apartments has been developed.  Design of Jeevan Dhara Apartment building is being finalised with feedback from future residents requirement and their desired facilities. This final design for Jeevan Dhara building would be presented to Wyndham city council for approval.  Upon approval from council and required number of registration is completed, 10% deposit would be required to be paid in to trust account and final payment required on competition. Therefore, only expression of interest without any commitment to buy or sell is being registered now to determine number of apartments and facilities to be designed in Jeevan Dhara building.   Option to purchase and selection of apartment location would be offered to people registering their interest in Jeevan Dhara on first come first served basis. Construction is scheduled to commence in Jan, 2016 with expected completion late 2016.

Contact:- Sunil Kumar on 0403170099