Developer and Vision

Tarneit Junction Logo mediumDr Rekha and Sunil Kumar - Jeevan Dhara - Tarneit Junction developers

Dr. Rekha Kumar (MBBS, FRACGP)  and Sunil Kumar (B.Tech, IIT Delhi) are the developers behind $250 million Tarneit Junction development incorporating Jeevan Dhara living, One Planet Apartments, Medical Centre, Pharmacy, Hotel, Offices and Retail being proposed in its various stages.

Please read the full details and vision of overall development at website to find out about unique people oriented development, which will not only bring health, happiness and longer life to many of its residents but also save our planet by reducing carbon emission.

Sunil Kumar is committed to creating a healthy, happy and sustainable community at Jeevan Dhara for Financially Independent Indian Silvers.

Developers Vision:-

There are few examples of truly walkable mixed-use communities.

  • Why can’t we develop a self sustaining neighborhood?
  • Why can’t we have people oriented development and keep people needs first?
  • Why can’t we have our community live together and enjoy its food and culture?
  • Why can’t we have developments that reduces car dependency and encourages walking and healthy living?
  • Why can’t we have a development that doesn’t sell its soul to the corporate giants and puts people before profit?

Tarneit Junction Vision

The vision for Tarneit Junction is for a walkable community with jobs, shops, community infrastructure and transit within a 10 minute walk and bringing every thing of daily needs closer to its residents. The aim is for a project that also results in an employment and services hub that is a destination for the wider region. Tarneit Junction is proposed as a benchmark project in Melbourne’s western growth corridor characterised by high density and mixed-use; the first of its kind in a growth area to be developed with an emphasis on health, jobs, ageing and transit. The vision is to commence development of Tarneit Junction in line with the delivery of train services at the new Tarneit Station; it is proposed to become a health, transport, and jobs oriented destination and act as a catalyst for delivering on government goals of higher densities, affordable housing and mixed use living in the surrounding areas. A diverse range of housing is proposed, responding to City of Wyndham’s growing population and its varying needs, incomes, and life stages. Office, commercial, medical and educational floorspace provided at the site is proposed to generate local jobs, and encourage residents of Melbourne’s west to work locally, and even reverse commute from closer to the city. Convenience shops, cafes, restaurants and associated small footprint services such as the hairdresser and dry cleaner, will provide for residents’ daily needs and become an essential element in making Tarneit Junction a truly walkable neighbourhood. This transit-oriented employment and servicing opportunity will result in greater containment of activity and spending locally, with less pressure across the wider transport and infrastructure systems, especially significantly reducing the need for locals to commute to the Melbourne CBD. A mixed-use piazza identifies Tarneit Junction as a place for people, and the iconic corner building becomes a landmark for the new suburb; the first branding of Tarneit as its own place.

Design Strategy

As Winstern Churchil said, “We shape our buildings and then they shape us”.  Tarneit Junction is responding to obesity, encouraging movement by design and desire:

  • Creates a place that by design naturally encourages walking
  • Local destinations that don’t require car travel, therefore eliminating or reducing car use and CO2 emissions.
  • A location that is within a 10-minute walk of everything a resident needs daily. This further encourages walking by virtue of proximity; Primary and Secondary Schools, Child care, Medical Centres, Jobs, Education, Community Centre, Local Convenience Retail, and a Town Centre are proposed to be within 10- minute walk of Tarneit Junction
  • Proximity to the Railway Station further encourage walking.

Responding to mental health by creating a people place, a connected place:

  • Tarneit Junction aims to create a ‘10-minute community’.
  • High density community living will allow for more services with more time and opportunities for socialising
  • A community body corporate can help reduce costs for the services of all residents
  • A community intranet at will help to connect people
  • Different community interaction via community kitchens, gardens, & meeting places.
  • Four Generations Family and friends from age 0-100 supporting each other would bring family close together
  • The goal is to result in better mental health; people contributing and living longer

Attracting over 55s:

  • Tarneit Junction aims to attract asset rich elderly people from all over Australia to live in its 55+ community Jeevan Dhara and Jeevan Dhara- Age care  and bring them into a community that usually target first home buyers
  • Embedding older people in the community rather than isolating in dedicated facilities; they would have the ability to socially interact with the community in the piazza, open space areas and in street life generally.
  • There is a economic, health, Time and environmental gains from living in close proximity to health facilities, transport and daily needs shopping
  • The hope is to make it attractive for multiple generation to live together without our elderly being left alone in isolation in gated community with minimal outside interaction. Jeevan Dhara initiative of Tarneit Junction aims to help people staying apart, while living together.

Responding to Professional Jobs/Unemployment, the Tarneit Junction vision proposes to create:

  • 1015 local jobs
  • Business incubators and Educations facilities
  • Health jobs by virtue of the integration of Age Care, 24 Hour Medical Specialist and Allied Health Centre
  • IT and Nursing jobs for teachers
  • Training and employment for students in local Age care, Medical centre and IT Cluster
  • Convenience retail and Food and Beverage jobs

Consultants / Partners used to translate this vision into a reality:

  • Human Habitats – Master Plan
  • TTM – Traffic, Acoustic and Waste consultants
  • C2 Capital
  • Top Choice Real Estate – Property Management
  • ACADIA – Civil Engineers
  • MacroPlanDimasi – Economic assessment ( Economic consultants for Ikon 10 story Development next to Glen Waverley Station)
  • Essential Economics – Economic assessment
  • Taylor Developments – Land Surveying
  • Mel Consultants – Wind Engineering

Kumar family, the developers,  have strong property development skills and environmental credentials as they have build and developed several Residential houses  and Medical and Dental Clinics. They are working with best consultants and taking care of minor details of Jeevan Dhara as they intend to come and spend their retirement in Jeevan Dhara. They plan to move out from their own designed and  build house with 8.8 star energy rating, 15KW solar system, 11,000 liter water rain water storage system to live in Jeevan Dhara.

So you can be assured that this project will be designed and constructed to the highest building and environmental standards.