Living in Jeevan Dhara vs. Staying at Home

For so many of the issues seniors face while living at home, Jeevan Dhara living offers a positive alternative. Consider them side by side and see how Jeevan Dhara living could be the wise choice for you and your family.

Isolation from friends; inability to participate in favorite activities The warm company of people enjoying similar cultural, social, educational and entertainment opportunities
Reliance on others’ availability to get to and from appointments and events Train, bus service always available. Daily needs are walkable such as shops, Medical, Library. Share car available or use your own car
Eating alone; prepackaged meals; difficulty following special dietary guidelines Dining with neighbors; table service; freshly prepared cuisine; accommodations for special diets
Greater difficulty with household chores and maintenance Affordable Housekeeping, linen service and maintenance options available by professional staff
Anxiety over whether help will be available immediately An emergency call system in each apartment.

Medical centre planned in Tarneit Junction

Limited or no access to adequate exercise programs and equipment Daily fitness opportunities available to help maximize mobility, strength and overall health. Group living encourages and motivates people to live healthy and Longer
Greater dependence on family for assistance with daily tasks; feeling like a “bother” Appropriate, cost effective food and health support provided by a skilled staff, which makes true independence possible

Jeevan Dhara offers so many options for seniors who want a better life. No longer having to worry about daily chores, they can choose new interests, enjoy your friends company and explore each day’s with new activities. Jeevan Dhara residents will see the difference in quality of life.