• 1) What is Jeevan Dhara ?
    •  Jeevan Dhara is an Indian Culture and Food based retirement lifestyle for Retired Indian Seniors. Jeevan Dhara is based upon concept designed by Mr. Pravin Vaghani and other developments around the world such as Shantineketan, Priya Living in USA, Ashiyana and Golden Living in India. It is a community living like an extended joint family of friends, to live longer, enjoy luxurious retirement and live healthy and happy lifestyle full of enjoyment.
    • 2) What is the difference between Jeevan Dhara and other retirement villages in Melbourne
    • Jeevan Dhara is an apartment building in comparison to the cluster of units most of the other retirement villages are. Jeevan Dhara Concept adds life to the buildings. Jeevan Dhara Culture lifestyles encourages the seniors to meet in the common hall for many purposes. They will not like to walk out in the cold (and many times wet) weather. And how will they do it in wheel chair ? In apartment building they are protected from the weather. They can come down to the dining hall or the common hall in a lift.
    • 3)- What is the difference between Jeevan Dhara and similar projects done in US such as Shantiniketan.
    • Jeevan Dhara’s original concept was developed by Mr. Pravin Vaghani and developed further by Sunil Kumar based on community feedback and learning from experiences of Shantiniketan and other developments. We are planning to do it better by Integrating Health and building at Prime Location, which is Walkable to all daily needs. Also our seniors would be living in secure weather protected apartment building. In addition, they will be able to live close to other community of Multiple generations and not in Isolation such as Shantiniketan or other Australian retirement living units.
    •  4) How is this different to other Australian retirement villages ? 
    •  Jeevan Dhara is Australia’s First Indian Food based Retirement community which is going to be a having No Entry or Exit fee.  This is the fundamental difference Jeevan Dhara concept brings to retirement living, which is not usualy offered in Australian retirement scene.
    • 5) How will I be charged maintenance expenses ?
    •  The expenses to be paid to the management will be determined by majority of residents and could  be divided into the following categories:
      • a) Body corporate Fee / Compulsory contribution: This includes, but not limited to, building insurance, public liability insurance, consumption of electricity, gas and water for the common areas and facilities, purchase and maintenance of utility equipment’s, cleaning and maintenance of common areas and the building, building WiFi, staff expenses, etc. The owner has to pay this regardless of whether the apartment is rented, occupied or not. Expected Owners corporation fee is $250-$280/month.
      • b) User Pay services: Expenses for provision of Meals and Services purchased by residents are paid by residents directly to service provider. However,  Jeevan Dhara management committee may negotiate bulk deals for the provision of these facilities/ services.
      • c) Pay as you use : You pay periodical charges for the services connected to your apartment and individually metered by the utility service provider.
    • 6) If I am not occupying the property will I still need to pay maintenance ?
    • Please refer to Question 5 answer above.
    • 7) Can I have visitors staying with me ?
    • Yes, you can have visitors staying with you in your apartments for short duration. However, a permission from the management may be required. Tarneit Junction development plans to have a hotel / serviced apartments planned at Intersection of Derrimut and Leaks Roads in Tarneit, where your visitors can stay. Your visitors may be required to pay, if they utilise any services such as eating meals or using gym etc as determined by Jeevan Dhara management.
    • 8) Will you allow pets ?
    • No – We will not allow pets as they may cause disturbance and risk for other residents.
    • 9) What if I need medical assistance ?
    • This is not an Aged Care Home or a Nursing Home. Jeevan Dhara has no responsibility to provide medical assistance.  However, Tarneit Junction Development of which Jeevan Dhara is a part plans to includes a Medical Centre and Aged Care. It is anticipated that medical centre will be available for extended hours.  It may be added that this is a friendly community. So the initial help may  always be there from your friend and neighbour. In true emergency it is recommended to phone ‘000’.
    • 10) What if I need more hands-on care ?
    • Jeevan Dhara offers a unique retirement lifestyle for able-bodied healthy people. It will not have facilities for assisted living, however other independent providers can provide home care as required.
    • 11) What is the relationship between Jeevan Dhara and Tarneit Junction ?
    • Jeevan Dhara apartments are a small part ( approx 15%) of over $250m dollars Tarneit Junction project incorporating One Planet Apartments, Shops, Hotel, Offices, Medical Centre etc, which is being planned by  Dr. Rekha and Sunil Kumar.
    • 12) What kind of rentals can one expect ?
    • There is no comparable option at this point in time for reference, but we would anticipate it to be more than usual apartments but comparable to other apartments offering similar facilities/ amenities.
    • 13) Why should one look at Jeevan Dhara where as other retirement village options are available ?
    • Indian Food and culture based Retirement living in Australia is a new concept and most of the current developments are more focused on providing a basic western lifestyle to the seniors without food. In Australia Jeevan Dhara will be the first Retirement community for Indians. Jeevan Dhara apartments are designed to lower the overall cost of living over your second half of your life and they do not pay higher outgoing cost and large deferral fee on exit.
    • 14) Would the apartment come furnished with furniture and appliances.
    • The apartments will not come furnished with furniture but energy efficient appliances and furniture package would be available at the time of purchase. The residents will have a choice to either bring their own furniture if they so wish or if they want help with furnishing then we would provide services which will help people with furnishing their apartments at additional cost.
  • 15) Does this luxury services such as laundry, cleaning, utilities would cost me more than I currently have at my home
  • No. You only pay for services you use. All utilities and other services are purchased in bulk therefore all members benefit from the bulk buying power of united residents.
  • 16) What about food, will it cost me more. What would be likely cost of eating at Jeevan Dhara ?
  • No. Likely cost of eating at Jeevan Dhara could be less/ day/person than eating else where. It can be negotiated by resident with the kitchen operator based on number of meals purchased per month, depending upon menu chosen by its residents and level of service desired.
  • 17) I am vegetarian and do not drink wine, do I need to pay for non – vegetarian food eaten or wine consumed by others ?
  • You pay for what you eat or drink.
  • 18). Can I live in the property if I am below 55 years of age ?
  • Yes you can, but at least one of you should be over 55 years
  • 19). Who will help me find people as tenants ?
  • Finding a proper and approved tenant is owner’s responsibility. However, without any guarantee, considering the demand for such lifestyle accommodation, Jeevan Dhara may hold a waiting list of eligible people wanting to move in to Jeevan Dhara. You may use any estate agent to find your replacement.
  • 20)  Why Tarneit ?
  • Logical Choice as No other affordable and convenient large parcel of land is available close to station and facilities in SE suburbs. In addition, Western suburbs are now new centre of Indian population with most new migrant and their parents are choosing to live in Western Suburbs. Also new Tarneit station is now build next to Tarneit Junction estate. Skybus West connects Tarneit to Melbourne Airport. Also 7 buses are servicing Tarneit Statiion. New proposed Town Centre with 55,000 sqm of retail is also planned next to Tarneit Railway Station. This new Station is the most busiest Vline station outside Melbourne CBD. Tarneit is tipped to become largest Suburb of Victoria with approx 75,000 residents
  • 21) Where is Tarneit ?
  • Tarneit is 25 Km west of Melbourne city and only 30 min drive to Melbourne city and Both Airports
  • 22) How far away from places of interest ?
  • It is approx 10 min drive to Weeribee Hospital, Durga Temple, two Gurudwara, Mosque, Church and still 1 hour from SE suburbs using either very well connected freeway or public transport. Tarneit Junction is diagonally opposite proposed Rose Grange Shopping centre and existing council community centre.
  • 23) If I live close to Jeevan Dhara Apartments, Can I utilise the services offered at Jeevan Dhara ?
  • No. You do not go and watch Pay TV or use Games room at someone’s house as you have not paid for that house buying costs, ongoing rates, cleaning, electricity, Pay TV subscription and their furniture etc. Therefore, it would not be logical and ethical for outsiders to ulises services paid and maintained by Jeevan Dhara residents. Also any individual Jeevan Dhara residents may not be allowed by Jeevan Dhara cooperative management to invite others and create over crowding as these facilities are designed for use of its residents and not for public use. However, Jeevan Dhara residents are free to invite their family and friends, if they open secure entry door and take them to visit  their own Jeevan Dhara Apartment or accompany them to the club / lounge to share their birthday, anniversary or other celebrations.
  • 24)  I am healthy now, Why should I move to Jeevan Dhara ?
  •  Retirement living does not mean that you have to be unhealthy to live in Jeevan Dhara. On contrary, Jeevan Dhara is for healthy people, who want to enjoy life. We should enjoy our healthy life as much as we can while our health allows and enjoy the fruits of hard work done in your life.
  • 25) How many of these apartment’s you are doing ?
  • Only 146 Jeevan Dhara apartments are proposed.
  • 26) Why apartments and why not units / houses ?
  • If we live in houses or units away from facilities and friends, we drive more. We do not walk. As Winston Churchill had very rightly said “We shape our buildings and then they shape us”. Our life gets dependent on weather, we do not get timely help, we live in isolation. we neglect health. Therefore, we decided to design a building, which eliminates weather effect and bring people more closer to each other and services required by them. FRIENDS & FACILITIES UNDER ONE ROOF WILL HELP ITS RESIDENTS TO LIVE LIKE EXTENDED FAMILY. THEY WILL LIVE HEALTHY, HAPPY & LONGER LIFE.
  • 27)  Why should I move as my kids live near me and they can come and help whenever I need it ?
  • Research shows that most of us live alone, when kids are gone to work or left home. Loneliness and social isolation are harmful to our health. Lacking social connections is a comparable risk factor for early death as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and is worse for us than well-known risk factors such as obesity and physical inactivity. JEEVAN DHARA will increase the probability of having better and longer life than you may have live outside Jeevan Dhara. Think who is going to be looking after you or your partner in timely manner when needed. Moreever, You CAN reduce your dependency on kids. Both you and your kids will live more happier. Living with like minded friends would enhances happiness and bring back memories of living in hostel in your college times.
  • 28) What if someone can not drive
  •  They can live without a Car as Jeevan Dhara is Easy walk to Train, Bus, Shopping Centre, Town Centre, Library, Medical, Pharmacy, and daily needs. You would burn more calories and less fuel. Share Cars including 12 seated Van is planned. In addition On Line ordering and delivery from various shops in Tarneit Junction.
  • 29) Will my cost of living increase ?
  •  You are likely to enjoy Lower Transport cost, Lower Food Cost and Lower Bills. You would also feel better that you have reduced your Carbon Foot Print. Yet increased quality and quantity of living and fun and have happier longer life.
  • 30) How Jeevan Dhara could help me live longer
  •  Jeevan Dhara is not only about reducing health risk by keeping you healthy by keep fit program and helping you living longer life by timely provision of health services but also to make most fun from remaining life creating more inner desire to live longer?
  •  31) What kind of people would like to live in Jeevan Dhara ?
  •  It is for people, you want to live and not for those who have given up hope for better life.– Financially Independent
    – Want very best for themselves
    – Who want to get true retirement from all chores
    – Who care about their partner
    ( Jo apni jindagi se karte hai Pyar
    Voh Kaise Jeevan Dhara se kare Inkar)
  •  32) What Jeevan Dhara is NOT ?
  •  It is Not an Age Care or Nursing Home
  • 33) What are special features?
  • We are trying to provide all facilities required by our Seniors such as  Security, Health, Reduce Loneliness, Easy Transport and fun Activities, Eco Friendly 7 Star Energy Rated buildings with age friendly facilities.
  • 34) Cost of  living in Jeevan Dhara apartments ?
  • It will be determined later
  •  35) How can I reserve ?
  • Expression Of Interest taken till finalisation of plans/ contracts and all apartments are booked.
  • 36) What is included in the Apartment ?
  •  Each having disabled friendly bath, toilet, railing, Emergency Alarm, balcony, wider doors, ramps, railings, lifts, own private kitchen, plus Common Kitchens ,  TV Room /Hall /Games Room, Intercom, phone, Indian TV and Internet connections. Energy efficient Appliances such as Fridge and Washing Machine can be provided at additional cost. Arrangement with utilities for bulk buying of power / gas. Internet within Jeevan Dhara building, Wi-Fi and On Line Apps
  •  37) I am used to living in SE. I may find it difficult to live in West?
  •  Many of us have fear of change. In reality it will be much easier for you to move to Jeevan Dhara in Tarneit than your move to this country. Think probably you would live more longer in Jeevan Dhara in future than You have lives in your present house.  You will probably have more facilities within walking distance in Jeevan Dhara than your present home. You would have probably more friends and meet them more frequently. Compare your present and future. You may like to calculate quality of retirement life score by calculating your score by using retirement calculator provided at jeevandhara.com.au and find how happy you are.
  •   38) What registration will get me?
  •  Your Registration is no commitment from either side to buy or sell, however it gives you opportunity to choose Jeevan Dhara Apartment of your choice when offered. Some group of people may get the choice to lactate themselves next to each other, if they register early on first come first offered basis when it’s design is finalized and required number of people have committed to buy it.

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