Since we know you deserve the very best, we just went ahead and designed a Medical Centre next to Jeevan Dhara Apartment building. Ensuring the Medical Help is right next to you. More ever,  you are encouraged to take part in physical activities in Jeevan Dhara. You will never give up on your self due to residents group support. Every thing of your daily needs are no more than 10 minutes walk, which encourages you to walk rather than drive. This would ensure you stay healthy and on top of your game at all times.
With  State-of-the-art medical centre and Aged Care facilities managed by top professionals in the industry at Tarneit Junction, you have assurance that medical help can be available from the Medical facilities within the Aged Care building. 

We have taken all possible measures to ensure that most of your health needs is being provided in Tarneit Junction such as Pharmacy, Specialists and allied health. Some of them may speak your language, making sure you get timely and appropriate health care as close to you as possible. If you need to go to Werribee hospital, it is only 7 km away