Create history by becoming part of Australia’s First Indian Food based Luxury living. Many visionaries and community leaders and supporters have helped by providing suggestions, support and development of Jeevan Dhara / Tarneit Junction project vision making it a dream development. Do you have any idea how special you are? You have been part of a generation which saw Indians in Australia emerge to achieve great heights and you were at the centre of the revolution. And what we’ve found is that special people like you are not the least bit interested in sitting around feeling old. You’re active and spunky. You appreciate the finer things in life. Most of all, you want the very best in your life because you can afford it.   Be it good healthy food, timely and appropriate health care choices, physical and mental activities or company of great friends. You are worth it, you have worked hard all your life and its time to enjoy and put yourself first.  At Jeevan Dhara you will get the best of every luxury you choose to have as you in control of all decisions.