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General Information:
1 Typical apartments are 2BR, 1 Bathroom/Toilet, Open living lounge/Dining/Kitchen, 1 balcony, and 1 car space.
2 All apartments have wider door for wheelchair excess and designed for aged friendly access.
3 Contracts, specification and plans are expected to be ready by Jun 2017.
4 Estimated Price:Typical Apartments are 2 Bed Apartments and will cost from mid three hundred thousand, which INCLUDES One Car Park. Some 1 Bed will be available.

5 Payment: 10% deposit or Bank Guarantee on signing contract, balance on possession.

6 The construction expected to commence in 2017 depending upon 80% presales.
7 The composition of co-operative society and its constitution to be formed by the apartment owners. This can be done prior to possession, if they are willing to meet and start working on the format. There will not be any outside interference, Input from people paying deposit would be considered.
8 The registration does not oblige you to buy an apartment. If you decide not to buy you do not have to do anything. Your registration will automatically expire once the last apartment is allotted.
9 There are only 100 apartments and the demand is likely to be more. In that case your registration gives you a claim to an apartment on ‘First Come First Basis’ if available at the time of the contract.
10 These are 55+ apartments; It is expected that at least one resident has to be of age 55+ and your outgoings would be determined by majority of resident members.